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On ‘lost time’, productivity, and a challenge

On ‘lost time’, productivity, and a challenge

Well, it sure has been quiet over here!

It’s been a slow and somewhat blurry start this year. February and March seemed to have some kind of grip on me that made me unable to really move. The weather has been dark and cold and rainy, and I know I’m not the only one who’s been struggling with that. Add to that some mental health stress and a certain video game, and here we are – mid-April.

I never quite know how to feel about what productivity enthusiasts might call ‘lost time’. I had a good couple of months; I interviewed for a new job and wrapped up my old one (last week now!), I met friends, went to museums, and read books. I even wrote a little. But apart from my first ever graphic design commission (!), I barely made anything.

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